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nRF52840 AB BLE Gateway 4.0


nRF52840version AB BLE Gateway V4 is a BLE to gateway and bridge. The gateway reads iBeacon and Eddystone like beacon or customized Tag format and sends to local TCP server or internet HTTP/MQTT server.


Ble Tracker waterproof Panic Button Beacon

April Beacon N06 is a Ble beacon with a custom button. it can be set 2 sets of UUID, you can take one of them to advertise the Ble beacon data for positioning and tracking people or assets as they move from one place to another place.

April UART SD logger


The logger is a data logger that allows you to log serial data from your project. It logs to a microSD card and is compatible with high capacity cards.

WUD v1.2- Wireless USB Disk


The device has an ESP32-S2 module that allows it to be identified as a keyboard + USB disk. It also a microSD slot that can be identified as MSC SD Card.



April USB Dongle 52820


The nRF52820 Dongle can be used as a development platform for the nRF52820 SoC. It features user configurable LEDs and a button. In addition to radio communication, the nRF52820 SoC can communicate with a computer through USB.