How to change the serial port for Cactus Micro

Cactus Micro communication with ESP8266 with SoftwareSerial port (RX: 11, TX: 12) default. We can change it to the hardware serial port Serial1. Prepare tools A knife A Solder Soldering the jumper Step1. Cut the jumper in the red square Step2. Soldering the jumper to other side You’re done. Now the Cactus Micro communicate with…


New Product: TinyESP ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter

TinyESP is a tiny size breadboard adapter for ESP-12/ESP-07 ESP8266 WiFi module. It contains a 3.3V voltage LDO, a Reset button and a flash jumper. Please refer the link for more information. Why did you make it? ESP8266 is an inexpensive serial-to-wifi tranceiver chip that can be used to connect any microcontroller with a serial…


New Product Cactus Micro Overview

Cactus Micro is our integrated developement board, we have mixed Arduino with WIFI chip ESP8266 into a single board. It is targeted for makers to develop low power Internet-Of-Things (IoT) projects quickly and easily. It have very little size and very easy to use. Cactus Micro是我们提供的集成开发板,我们将Arduino和WIFI合并在一块小小的电路板上。用于物联网开发是便捷而又简单的事情。主芯片是Atmega32u4, WIFI模块使用了ESP8266。 How to buy it Buy Cactus Micro from…


AprilBeacon iOS user guide

System requirements: iOS7 and over

App has four main function menus: Beacons, Bluetooth, Tools, Setting.


  • In this menu, we can search iBeacons nearby. All beacons are sorted by UUID, Major, Minor value.

  • You can check the distance and rssi value of the beacon by tapping one of beacons。


安卓版 AprilBeacon 2.0 使用说明

全新 android 版 AprilBeacon 2.0 版本已经发布了,2.0版本较之前的版本有了重大的改进。


  • 全新的界面设计和颜色搭配,更加的流畅和快捷
  • 更加轻便、合理的模块架构
  • 加入筛选功能,可以方便地找到自己想要的beacon

iOS 下 AprilBeacon 新版 1.3.0 发布

iOS 下AprilBeacon 新版 1.3.0 已经上架,新版本增加了以下新特征: 将设备挪到Tab栏,更方便通过蓝牙搜索设备 Beacons界面增加了过滤功能,可以根据UUID、Major、Minor的范围来过滤Beacon 批量修改增加过滤功能,可以修改与指定UUID相等或者不等的设备 添加默认密码配置。修改Beacon时可以不再每次都输入密码 添加关于界面,可以直接跳转到购买Beacon界面 English Version: Add icon of Bluetooth to the Tab area, access devices more directly. Add filter to “Beacons”. Filter beacons according to UUID, rang of Major and Minor. Add filter to Multi Config. Modify devices batchly those UUID is equal or not. Default password is…