AB BLE Gateway 3.0

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AB BLE Gateway V3 Introduction

AB BLE Gateway V3 (network cable version) is a new BLE to WiFi gateway and bridge based on AB BLE Gateway V2. The gateway reads BLE advertising data such as iBeacon and Eddystone format and sends to local TCP server or internet HTTP/MQTT/WebSocket server.

The main difference from AB BLE Gateway V2 is Uplink channel is changed to Web network cable mode from WiFi mode of gateway V2, and support USB power, easy for installation. At the same time it raised the uplink rate because of capability improvement. It will work more reliably in scenarios with high volumes and concurrency.

AB BLE Gateway V3 (network cable version) will support device directly docking the Amazon Cloud’s IoT service “Amazon AWS IoT”, and IoT Cloud service in China “BaiDu IoT Hub”.


  • CPU: Cortex-A7 Quad-Core from Quan Zhi H2 ARM
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Storage: 8GB Micro-SD card
  • Bluetooth chipset: Nordic NRF52832
  • Enclosure: White case, size is 48mm × 46mm
  • Power support: USB micro power


Bluetooth gateway collects environmental data through Bluetooth and upload data through different channels and protocols to the Business Server. Therefore multiple business scenarios can be built.

  • Indoor Location
  • Parking & Checking in
  • Manage and monitor temperature and humidity
BLE Gateway Power Network Protocol Scan interval Release time
Wireless iBeacon Receiver USB

5V/1A DC

WiFi MQTT 25beacons/sec April 1st,2016
AB BLE Gateway V2 USB-DC

5V/1A DC

WiFi HTTP/MQTT/WebSocket 50beacons/sec Feb 1st,2017
AB BLE Gateway V3 USB

5V/2A DC

Ethernet cable HTTP/MQTT/WebSocket 120beacons/sec Nov 1st,2017


More info will update soon.