Arduino Compatible, based on LilyPad Arduino USB, BLE enable dev board

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The BLEPad is an Arduino compatible microcontroller development board based on the ATmega32U4 IC with Bluetooth 4.0. a.k.a. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), built in. You can choose board type LilyPad Arduino USB from Arduino IDE to start programming. It’s the easiest way to get Bluetooth 4.0 in your project!

The BLEPad differs from previous LilyPad boards in that the ATmega32u4 has built-in USB communication, eliminating the need for a separate USB-to-serial adapter. This allows the BLEPad to appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, in addition to a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port. It also has other implications for the behavior of the board;


  • Built-in ultra mini size DA14580 BLE module
  • ATmega32U4 running at 3.3V/8MHz
  • Supported Arduino IDE 1.6.x
  • On-Board micro-USB connector for programming
  • 4 x 10-bit ADC pins
  • 9 x Digital I/Os (4 are PWM capable)
  • Rx and Tx Hardware Serial Connections
  • A JST connector for a 3.7V LiPo battery
  • A reset button
  • An external antenna pin for BLE module
  • Application BLE sensor/iBeacon simulation

See our wiki for more information.


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