ESP Soil Moisture Sensor Rev 2.1


ESP8266 soil moisture sensor Wi-Fi

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ESP8266 based soil moisture sensor Wi-Fi enabled.

What is it?

ESP8266 based soil moisture sensor Wi-Fi enabled. Also provide ambient temperature and humidity sensor.

At the sensor’s heart is an ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller clocked at 80 MHz and at 3.3V logic. This microcontroller contains a Tensilica chip core as well as a full WiFi stack. You can program the microcontroller using the Arduino IDE for an easy-to-run Internet of Things core. You can use ESP flasher that an upload code at a blistering 115200 baud for fast development time. It also has auto-reset so no noodling with pins and reset button pressings.

The sensor can upload sensor datas to remote server. We provided example code for uploading to thingspeak.


The project is modifying of the I2C Moisture Sensor project from Miceuz. Thanks for his source code.

What’s difference with rev 1.0?

  • Replace the DHT11 to TMP112 with I2C
  • Add a jumper for wire GPIO16 and Reset pin
  • Add a SWITCH for measuring soil sensor or battery voltage
  • Pinouts compatible with ESPea


  • Please choose “ESP8266 Flasher Rev2” add-on option if you want to programming the sensor.
  • Please remove the jumper for GPIO16 if you want to program the board.
  • Don’t insert battery when you program the board.


  • ESP-12F module x 1
  • Button x 1
  • Programming pinouts
  • Red led x 1
  • tmp112 temperature sensor (I2C) x 1
  • Soil moisture sensor x 1
  • AA Battery holder x 1
  • Pinouts compatible with ESPea
  • A jumper for wire GPIO16 to RESET
  • Measures 35mm x 157mm

AA battery not included. Please add AA battery x 2.

Please check here for more details and tutorials.

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