New AprilBeacon EEK-N BLE Tag beacon Eddystone & iBeacon compatible


The New EEK-N coming out!  EEK-N beacon is based on NRF52810. It has more tx power to set.  EEK-N beacon can support LINE beacon service.

Easy to change battery, and lower battery cost, last 1.5-3 years battery life.

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  • MFI certification iBC-14-00417
  • Built-in iBeacon firmware
  • Two uuid switchable

  • BLE micro controller NRF52810

  • Nine choices for TX power setting

  • Built-in a coin battery holder
  • Bluetooth low energy technology compatible
  • Accurate digital RSSI
  • AES security coprocessor

iBeacon Descriptions:

  • Run standalone as iBeacon, External host is not required.
  • Application for advertisement and location
  • Built in pairing password to prevent others to modify the settings
  • Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc.
  • Tx Power configurable
  • Advertising frequecy configurable
  • Support upgrade firmware through OAD (air upgrade)
  • Built in JTAG port for customized other application firmware as a standalone system
Item Value Remarks
Firmware iBeacon
Battery model CR2450 Coin battery,  500~ mAh
Operation Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20KHz
Modulation Q-QPSK
Standby current 100uA Depends on duty cycle/broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency 900mS Duty cycle
Output Power 0 dBm Default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Transmission distance 26 meters BER<0.1%, Open space
Antenna 50ohm On board/ PCB Antenna
Size 31.08mm*31.08mm*9mm case size:39mm*39mm*15mm
Operation Voltage 2.0-3.6V Dx


Default setting: 

Pairing password: 195660

How to modify iBeacon parameters :

You could modify the UUID/Major/Minor by our

Applicatin Scenes:

  1. Navigation and tracking
  2. Push store coupons
  3. Wisdom tourism
  4. indoor/ outdoor navigation

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 18 mm


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