Wristband Beacon

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Wristband shape beacon device

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  • Wristband shape beacon device


  • Run stand alone as iBeacon.
  • 30MRange.
  • Black, bule, orange, green, pink, white 6 colors available
  • On/off button for broadcasting
  • Dialog 14850 chip, using CR2032 battery.
  • Battery life over 1years for freq of 500ms,tx power of 0dBm.


    MFI certification iBC-14-00417 Built-in iBeacon firmware Built-in a coin battery holder Bluetooth low energy technology compatible Accurate digital RSSI Tested with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3 and over

    iBeacon Descriptions:

    Run standalone as iBeacon, External host is not required. Application for advertisement and location Built in pairing password to prevent others to modify the settings Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc. Tx Power configurable Advertising frequecy configurable Support upgrade firmware through OAD (air upgrade)

    Default setting:

    Default iBeacons UUID(The sample from Apple’s AirLocate): E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0 Major and minor identifier: 1, 1 Pairing password: AprilBrother

    How to modify iBeacon parameters :

    you could modify the parameters (bulk) by the APP named with Aprilbeacon directly.

    you could search Aprilbeacon from App store or googleplay.

    Parameters: UUID/Major/Minor/output power/broadcasting frequency .

    Aprilbeacon is the first company in the world to enable this function.

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